How to find the right investments

The Role of Managers as Capital Allocators – Josh Shores of Southeastern Asset Management
Dr. Ravi Jain: Different Investors Succeed in Different Ways
William Green on Outtakes from The Great Minds of Investing
Professor Paul Johnson on his Columbia Business School course curriculum
William Green on Irving Kahn’s Most Valuable Lesson
Eric J. Weigel on Mean Reversion of Profitability over 10 Year Horizons
Nick Mazing on the Overrating of Brands and Underrating of Execution
Matthew Sweeney on Multi-Segment Businesses: Watch Insider Buying and Incentive
James Roumell: Resilience and Character are Essential for Long-Term Success
Christopher J. Karlin on Patience and Investing

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Point-in-Time Thesis on Itausa (Brazil: ITSA4) (early 2014) – Tiago Dos Reis
Global Value Investing and Risk Management – Ori Eyal
Point-in-Time Thesis on InfuSystem (2012) – Ryan Morris
How to Look For Long-Term Compounding Machines – Dr. Ravi Jain
Point-in-Time Thesis on Astellas Pharma (2013) – Chuck De Lardemelle
Point-in-Time Thesis on Johnson & Johnson (2012) – Simon Caufield
Point-in-Time Thesis on Martinrea (early 2014) – Parsa Kiai
Case Study of Publicis – S├ębastien Lemonnier of Mansartis
Adam Crocker: Is It Okay to Depart From One’s Principles?
The Challenge for Capital-Intensive Businesses in Italy – Gianluca Ferrari
Steven Wood on His Investment Focus in 2016